The mission of is to help to the crafting and appliance of innovative products and services, to develop applications and processes for efficiency improvement and to open new business opportunities for the group, which help to anticipate to the competitors and keep market leadership.

Who are we

On 2007 founds the Group, dedicated exclussively to research. This group is formed by engineers and doctors in telecommunications, computer science and maths. keeps a stable relationship with a large number of universities and research groups national and internationals with which collaborates.


Identification of opportunities
    Flecha Knowledge of state-of-the-art developments at the market and academic level
    Flecha Financial evaluation and strategic potential of the technological advances
Definition and implementation of innovative and efficient solutions
    Flecha With an own research team
    Flecha In close collaboration with research groups from universities
    Flecha Through research and co-development agreements and industrial partners

Meet us

We are already participating with companies for the creation of value-added solutions.

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